Self Publicity is Sometimes the Only Option – The Crunchies 2008

Please vote for the hardworking team at Moviestorm (and me) in the annual Tech Crunch awards – the Crunchies!

Best Time Sink

If you can't sink hours into Moviestorm making your epic, then you really don't know the true meaning of “time sink”


Most Likely to Make the World a Better Place

Can Moviestorm movies make the world better? Ask KidsGiving2Kids or Digipendence or the 'repeal prop 8' campaign or even the United Nations Stand Up Against Poverty Campaign!

Best New Start Up of 2008 

The key point is – we released in 2008 so we qualify and we darn well think we should win. No point in being modest.


Best Startup CEO of 2008 

Well that would be me. And here is why: I closed an investment round in October 2008 *(credit crunch)*. Oh, and Short Fuze was recently honoured by being chosen as one of the Essential MEDIATECH European Top 100 companies. Short Fuze has been run efficiently and has previously won local and regional awards, as well as being selected for some major international technology events: Running the Gauntlet winner 2005, English Tech Tour 2007, American Film Institute Digital Event 2007, Machinima Europe 2007, CE02CEO 2007, “Most Improved Company” in East of England 2007, SIME Innovation Day 2008, Cambridge Evening News “Rising Star” Finalist, WebMission 2008, ETRE 2008 Presentation Company, and NMBX 2008. Coverage this month in Mac Format Magazine, PC World and many websites helps people to find Moviestorm.

So, there you have it. Ask not what we can do for you, but how many votes you can cast for us.

Get clicking!