New Business For Me

railway lines -the way ahead

Business Management Consultants need a home. Many years of being a freelance advisor have led me in a circle – back to a regulated accounting practice.

I have put together DJWB and Co Business Advisors Ltd to be a home for me, and a powerful network of business management consultants who are experts and providers that can deliver a range of services for growth businesses, especially those based on novel technology.

About You

The people we want to talk to are some or all of:

  • founders
  • growth company CEOs
  • VC and PE Investors
  • businesses at inflection points


You are the founder or founding team of a rapid growth company which has found a market and is making some revenue. You are thinking about how best to grow and whether to raise additional finance to enable rapid growth.

Growth Companies

You are a technology enabled business creating new products or services and want to power up your innovation with a proven methodology that can accelerate profitable exploitation. You want to double your rate of revenue accumulation from innovation.


You have invested in a growth company, and it needs help to achieve its potential. You need someone who can act as your eyes and ears on the Board to provide serious challenge and support to the team, but who will have empathy with the struggles of growth founders without losing sight of the numbers.

Businesses at inflection points

You are on the Board of an SME and are facing financial or operational challenges and need strategic advice and support to refocus, turnaround, or refinance the business. You want that advice to be useful immediately.

About Us

Everyone in the network is a business founder with more than 10 years running our own ventures. We are also all qualified professionals (accountants and lawyers predominantly). Combining those skills with hands on experience makes our team uniquely powerful when helping small to medium growth companies. We have invested in small to medium companies, and know how investment works, and what is needed from the board.

Our skills cover the 10 dimensions of growth: People development, Governance, Finance, Financial Control, Fundraising, Finance transformation, Product development, Sales and Marketing, Innovation, Portfolio and Project Management.

We work as a virtual team, with instant access to the right talent from our pool of experts, all working to the highest professional standards, yet bringing deep personal experience and a human face to solving your challenges.

Our 6 values

Founder Friendly – We believe Founders are the bedrock of good business, and we subscribe to the Founder Friendly Standard v1.1 to the extent that it can be implemented in the UK. We are friends to Founders, and our behaviour is always aligned with the long term interests of entrepreneurs.

Responsiveness – We know your problems are urgent. We respond appropriately.

Integrity – We and our clients value our reputation and insist that we always behave with the highest levels of integrity. We subscribe to the ICAEW code of ethics and insist our clients have the highest levels of personal and corporate integrity.

Sustainability – We demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainable, responsible business practices. We subscribe to the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals and expect our clients to do so.

Diversity – We value diversity and encourage it in all ways, not out of ideology, but because it enhances revenue, growth, sustainability, and resilience. We incorporate equality into our core objectives, making every effort to eliminate discrimination, create equal opportunities and develop good working relationships between different people.

Innovation – We are here to create new solutions, not rehash the old ones. We address the unarticulated – or “true” needs of our clients. We teach everyone to think like an innovator. We challenge invisible orthodoxies. We harness the underappreciated trends. We leverage embedded competency where we find it.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help the best small companies double their growth rates and halve their risk levels. We will do this by providing accurate, reliable, trustworthy, and immediately actionable strategic advice and execution to founders and Boards of growth companies.

Our Vision

We see a future where small to medium enterprises and their founders thrive through innovation and are valued financially, socially, and politically for their contribution to a sustainable future. We want to be a powerful and trusted partner to those founders, and to be seen to enable them to achieve their objectives faster and with lower risk than their competitors.

Example Services

We are business management consultancy; an advisory firm that focuses on giving advice to founders that can be used to create value.

Thos services include:

  • virtual CFO
  • financial management
  • readiness for investment
  • invstment support
  • growth company advisory
  • innovation management and finance
  • turnaround and rescue

Virtual CFO

Providing the oversight and governance of the financial systems, reporting, and cash flow of the business with all the skills of a listed company CFO but at a scale suitable for SMEs.

Weekly update calls with the founders, monthly review of the management accounts, creation of desktops and automated reporting, powerful financial insight, and the maintenance of constructive relationships with investors, banks, and other stakeholders.

Solid corporate governance with extensive financial and legal experience suitable for fast-growing companies who have outgrown their basic spreadsheet financial systems.

Finance Management

Detailed understanding and analysis of the financial requirements of the business for 12 to 60 months ahead to enable management to make informed decisions on fundraising, leasing, borrowing, and grant applications.

We can also integrate powerful tools using PowerBI and similar state-of-the-art dashboards to enable management to track and control their financial resources.

Readiness for Investment

Preparing the company for equity or debt fundraising in a way that really works.

From 2010 to 2020, start-up companies made on average 100 approaches to investors to obtain one offer of investment. The average investor rejects 90 out of 100 approaches, reads 9 of the remaining 10, and invites just 1 to a pitch meeting. Roughly 1 in 10 pitches results in some sort of offer to the company. Investing companies, angel investors, and venture capital partnerships invest in approximately one company per thousand pitches made to them. You can improve those odds by being prepared.

Most approaches fail because of predictable defects in both the company and the investor that could reasonably have been repaired before the deal was pitched. For that reason, we have created this checklist and a process of “pre-diligence” to enable founders to reach a much higher stage of readiness with a much better formed approach and a much better targeted offering.

Investment Support

Working with the existing management, and financial team, we can provide substantial support to any group that is currently involved in fundraising. Not just due diligence, strategy, and analysis but direct access to other sources of funding, lending, government grants, and commercial investors.

By honestly addressing risks and constraints, and by removing negative hygiene factors, improving the quality of documentation, and creating the narrative of success, we can dramatically enhance the values of most businesses in the eyes of potential investors.

Growth Company Advisory

Critical strategic planning skills delivered to growth companies to shorten the path to success, enhance their growth rate, and improve their return on founder equity.

From lean canvas to full strategic maps, bringing in powerful competitor analysis, sectoral analysis, business process mapping, and the founders’ own objectives to create an immediately actionable plan for the business.

And then running the business to that plan effectively, efficiently, and with quantifiable evidence of success.


The benefits of adopting a strong innovation management system have been identified by many studies and include improving the effectiveness of Innovation and scaling, streamlining internal operations, creating or entering new markets, improved resilience and sustainability. Yet adopting standards comes with costs that also need to be considered.

We can provide the advice and tools to implement state-of-the-art innovation management systems for SME businesses (including management training through this online course ).

Once implemented, businesses can see significant reductions in the time to exploitation, enhanced rates of return, and reduced numbers of failed innovation projects within 12 months.

Turnaround and Rescue

Working with founders we can help them find ways out of financial constraints or operational bottlenecks and back to growth and profitability using a tried and tested 100-day process that predictably delivers measurable results.

Working with management in the business, we can leverage their knowledge and experience while adding powerful external resources to rapidly solve otherwise intractable problems and release value for the founders that might otherwise be lost.

(what we don’t do)

We are an advisory firm, and we rely on our expert network for the groundwork that makes this possible. So, we do not, ourselves, produce accounts, conduct audits, manage ledgers, or do your tax or VAT returns. We have excellent friends that we can manage on your behalf, or who can work directly for you, who can do all of these things very much better than we can.