National action for local reasons

National politics effect us all.

Decision after decision needed to move our village and area forward have been stalled because of total paralysis at a National level. Planning, health, Rail, adult care, education, business rates? All stalled. No one can act because Brexit has broken politics. We have a couple of weeks left to fix that.

So: Brexit is a local issue.

Last weekend, I headed to London to walk very slowly with around 1.5m other people to show my Prime Minister that she is not on my side and what’s more, I do not agree with her “Deal” or crashing out of Europe and destroying my nation to solve her mates’ internal arguments.

I did that because I believe it to be the right thing to do for my country. For my family. For Maulden. For my friends.

It’s not that I especially love the EU or hate Brexiteers, nor do I “despise democracy”.

Its because I think our system has done a really bad job and that if we stop doing bad and stupid things then we can solve the problems we really have. I want us to Revoke, Remain, and Rebuild locally and nationally.

Rip away the crazy fools and let us get on to create jobs and homes and jobs and schools and GP clinics in places around Bedfordshire where people want to earn a living, be able to afford a roof over their heads, send their kids to a decent school and see a doctor when they feel sick.

I no longer care to hear about which foolish self-entitled politician thinks they should live in No10. I care about the street people, the utterly unnecessary homelessness in this country. And the starving kids and the parents who go without. The terribly poor mental health care available to our young and old. The lack of affordable homes in Bedfordshire. The lack of jobs that young people can walk to.

On a bigger scale, I’m really worried that we aren’t doing nearly enough to keep global warming within limits that will keep our planet comfortable for our children. We had a very “wrong” February. That’s just a taster of what is to come.

We can all see that there is a huge problem with adult social care. Old people are ignored, left lonely and badly housed. Pensions have been mis-funded for 20 years and that cost is exploding on us.

But none of this can be laid at the door of the EU. *None of it* That lie is a massive distraction. It’s a lie told by offshore tax dodgers. It’s a cheap lie from Murdoch, from Rothermere, and from the Barclay Brothers. We don’t have to believe their lies when the truth is clear (and online).

The problems that affect us in The UK today are on this government and the one before. These mealy-mouthed, self-interested terrible excuses for governments on both sides that has set us all against each other so they can keep fleecing us and lining their own pockets. The “kicked the can down the road” for 20, maybe 30 years when they *knew* that the problems were real.

We can see that the NHS has been deliberately underfunded to cause it to collapse so it can be sold. We have heard politicians say they will do that. Without the NHS, what is Britain?

Walk around and look at the land. Farming is about to implode nationally; Brexit would crash exports, but that isn’t the real issue. The science shows that soils are exhausted, chemical use is destroying the entire ecosystem (insects to birds to mammals), storage and transport of food are broken.

Utilities and infrastructure are woefully underfunded for the future of our children. Bedfordshire has a critical power shortage, very poor water and sewerage provision, inadequate roads, and overcrowded rail.

Universities have become “for profit” hotels with terrible outcomes for students. Schools are being crammed into “for profit” Academies, but outcomes are not rising while school land and services are sold off.

At least two generations of national politicians have conspired with offshore non-tax paying media owners to keep the gravy train rolling for them. Not for us. It was never about us, or the EU.

Unless we call a halt to the shift to a hard right wing isolationist ideology NONE of those important things can get fixed for Maulden. And Brexit is their gateway to making things worse, not better.

So reassessing BREXIT, immediately or via a Fair Informed People’s Vote, is just a tiny step in the right direction.

(Personally I would Revoke Article 50. Which is why I and 5,400,000 other people signed here: )

The original vote was a huge scream of anger at Government. A “smash the system” cry from a majority. That decision was hijacked from the “Leave” voters by some deeply nasty hard right people for their own ends. This is a chance for the ‘Remain’ voters (and those who abstained or changed their decision) to be equally clear: the current lazy populist political system is horribly broken and must be transformed.

So this week I walked for justice, for humanity, for the poor and the elderly and the homeless and the planet. And for my LOCAL community.

National politics has local implications.

Stand up, sign, and take some action for Where You Live!