Weird places my work has ended up

As a (very) amateur photographer, I am always delighted when a photo of mine is used and credited. Less delighted when it is stolen and used on a Christmas card, but always fun to find them never the less.

Here are some examples:

A NASA article on hurricanes [no longer online]

A German web page

A Norfolk Travel book

A guide to Oxford [not online]

A slide deck about cooking

A slide deck about business and communications

A debunking of MLM schemes

A wall of faces

A musician – the ever excellent Steve Lawson

On the wall at a charity auction with the Real David Bailey

In a video with a LOT of other David Bailey’s

If you come across any, do, please, let me know. If only for the sake of curiosity. As a hobbyist, I learn from feedback. Which of my photos are your favourites?