100km Trailwalker UK 2014, Will We Be Ingloriously Blistered?

Tired Boots for The Trailwalker

Since I just wore out a pair of boots, I felt it time to remind you all of your chance to support us on the 100km OXFAM Trailwalker in July

Trailwalker: The Challenge 26/27 July 2014

Set up by the legendary Gurkhas in 1981 to test teamwork, endurance and determination, Trailwalker is the ultimate physical and mental challenge.

It’ll be one of the hardest things you ever take on, but the sense of achievement you’ll get when you cross the finish line will blow you away. The Gurkhas still take care of event logistics to this day, and their teams have never been beaten.

Jeff, Bob, Sweyn and I are walking for a bunch of reasons, not least because we can and we are still alive. Those are good reasons to walk.

We are supporting Oxfam because they help the people we would help. The people who really need it, anywhere in the world.

So, dig deep, and give us a little morale boost as we do this for them.


In training, we have been walking 16km most weeks, and have taken on previous walks at 25km, 35km, 42km, 60km and 80km. Only one of us has walked 100km. The combined age of this team is around 200 human years.