Absent Without Leave

DavidJWBaileydotcom absent without leave

It has been a month since I posted content here – a cardinal sin in blogger land, and one which instantly cost me readers and raised questions.

My effort simply went into clients and other projects, but they have given me insight into new areas of entertainment media and publishing that will lead to some more intelligent posts.

I also took the step of removing several feeds from Facebook. I’ve begun to feel that Facebook ‘takes more than it gives’, which, added to serious privacy concerns, made me stop giving Facebook free content from Twitter, Flickr or other feeds.

Finally, I cut back on social media to engage with the real world – training 8 hours a week for some long distance walks (50km+) and rediscovering the joy of being let out on my mountain bike. The real world offers things that the digital world simply cannot ever offer (the scent of dust, pine resin and fear as you corner on a berm in Chicksands for one!).

I’d encourage you all to spend more time in the real world if you can.