Sorry? March?

I missed the whole of March. Lots of good things happened, and one of them was my birthday. 45. Wow. I've been hitting the “reset” button on my life since January 30th, and, as my Twitter Feed will have told you, you have to hold that button down for about 6 months for it to really work.

I've also been putting effort into some voluntary activities (like an Explorer Scout Unit) , and helping some really great new friends get their business ideas into shape. I hope I can post more about them real soon.

My Flickr site has had a major overhaul, not least because I've decided to put images of real people on it after years of abstracts and nature photographs. People are basically more fun to photograph (and more challenging)

I've been really busy on Twitter and enjoy it a lot. What I must do is find some good way to archive it.

I've been thinking about how to help Amplified  and putting some brain power into what it means to be creative.

Finally, I've lost a bit of weight, run more, helped deliver leaflets for a local political cause, and finally got the bike out of the garage as the sun is out.

Back soon. Buckle up. It will be a ride to remember.