Entrepreneur Country – Hunting New Beasts

Today I am mostly in receive mode. Things did change as expected last year. The summary from ETRE, SIME, NMBX and Essential Mediatech remains true and things are playing out as expected through the down turn. Mediatech and entertainment is holding up, tech innovation continues and pretty well all the rest of the world is in melt-down / panic mode (most of which is pure emotion, some of which is long overdue correction, a little bit of which is actually quite serious).

So today I am listening along at Entrepreneur Country.

Keynote – ‘Risk and Enterprise’ from Sir Paul Judge, Schroder Income Growth Fund
Keynote from Roman Stanek, Good Data Corp
Keynote – Entrepreneur of the Year, Glen Manchester, Founder and CEO of Thunderhead
Keynote – Ed Wray, Co-Founder  and Chairman of Betfair.  To be introduced by Mark Tasker of Fox Williams
Keynote – Gerry Ford, Founder and CEO of Caffè Nero                                     
Music and the mob – Slicethepie – help yourself to a piece of the music industry
Panel Discussion – ‘Online games and virtual worlds: the new country’, Moderated by Paul Flanagan, Ariadne Capital

There is the sense of something new emerging. A gentle breeze of change. It is not a green shoot of hope yet, but there is something new on the wind. I intend to listen quietly for the sound of it.

When I hear it, I will find it and then I will know what the next thing is. But it is close and it is large and it is going to change a lot of things for the better for an awful lot of people.  Already, from the scent and sounds I hear, I know it  is certainly creative, and web, and social, and very very visual and probably has a great soundtrack. It will be very capital efficient, very quick to revenue and very great fun indeed.

So far there are few direct things from the discussions here that have really stuck

plans are useless, ovenight success takes 3 years, never compromise innovation, mood swings happen – wisdom from @netroman

necessity is the mother of invention, never close a door behind you, experience always accumulates (if you are paying attention), ex-CEOs are 'unemployable' in normal terms, innovation is not a substitute for getting the product to deliver on its promise – wisdom from Glen Manchester

And now, time for a break – back in part 2.