Can You Guess What Pollinates This?

This plan, Massonia, is pollinated by gerbils. You could not make it up. I'd take it as wonderful evidence of evolution, and just knowing that it exists fills me with a sense of wonder at what else is out there in the wonderful world in which we live.

I'm thinking of growing one or two for my daughters rodent pets to nosh on. While I do that I will be thinking about unlikely (but valuable) partnerships of mutual value and how they can be nurtured, evolved and developed. Altruism, in a small way, perhaps. Precious little of that about in the investment world right now, which is sad, because that is where real value and lasting wealth will be created: in the world of 'non-zero sum' / 'bigger pies, not pie slicing'.

Anyone got a hungry gerbil that can wait a year for a sweet meal?