Crunchies, Lost Their Flavour

I recently asked for votes in the TechCrunch Crunchies, and I know many of Moviestorm's fans did put us up for a nomination. The results are now up for final voting here but you will be disappointed: 80% USA based and 80% dominated by the 'usual suspects'. By that I mean big budget companies with massive PR budgets and huge internet presence. Exactly those who can (and do) 'buy' their awards with advertising and the use of their own PR machines in less well regulated awards than these. It is probably also true that tech journalists like the freebies, toys, dinners and trips offered by those companies, but we cannot tell if it affects nominations as there is a 'secret panel' between the public votes and the final lists.

It was also a great year for start ups in the EU, and yet I can barely find one on this list.

Anyway, I've lost interest in these awards, and I suspect you will too.

Techcrunch COULD stand as a champion of the small start up, and provide the vital oxygen of publicity for them. Instead it has become a mere PR amplifier for:

Android (WTF? how can a Google 'division' be a 'start up'?)
Facebook (done to death and long long since being a start up as it is nearly 10 this year)
Michael Birch (lovely bloke, but he already exited, duh!)

Come on, Crunchers, stop sucking on the corporate teat and get back to the grass roots where your help is loved, appreciated and valuable.