Transludic Cinema WTF?

Celia Pearce used the phrase 'transludic logic' at Living Games Worlds IV (LGWIV) which led me on a random google search that finally dropped onto the Transludic Cinema site. I can't blame Celia for my random wanderings, and she is very well connected in games design and creativity, so I should have expected weird things to happen.

Anyway, transludic cinema. WTFIT? They say that they do this:

Personal Cinema calls for the emergence of both representation and distribution systems that are responsive to the local, the individual, and even the unprofitable. Personal Cinema is concerned with the presentation of multimedia works such as films, videos, documentaries, video games, CD-ROMs, software, etc., within the framework of independent production and practices that are different from those that are applied by the film industry and the commercial media in general.

Personal Cinema organizes projects and events that engage the critical mind of the public, suggesting alternatives to the new global homogeneity. It focuses attention on problems that concern the local territories and tries to explore the different cultural characteristics that constitute the social identity of the individual. Moreover, it works to develop public contexts for minority groups to express and represent themselves.

Personal Cinema expands in both physical and virtual space using new methods for distribution of personal media works and strategies of public address, because technological innovations have established new rules for engagement with a public that has become accustomed to increasingly frenetic and effortless media. Personal Cinema anticipates cooperation with other social and artistic groups which share the same concerns, and which are likewise dedicated to opening a visible space for debate on social, cultural and political issues.

Which seems cool enough. I just wonder why they use something as hard as Second Life to make movies in, is all. All that waiting around for people to show up, bad animations, foot slides, intersecting objects, random n00bs flying through your carefully choreographed shot and bad editing out into FRAPS. I mean, guys, there are easier ways …