SIME08 – is it possible to summarise this event?

Normally I post a fairly “blow by blow” account of major conferences. SIME08 is not going to be the sort of event that really lends itself to that. Aside from the uniquely Scandinavian sense of style, the event is marked out by its coverage of the broad sweeping issues illustrated by real life stories. It is also massively blogged in the Nordic region, and I don't really want to set myself up in competition to a room full of ravening professional journalists.

Also, some of the key events (certainly those at the best Night Clubs) are being held only in Swedish, which is cool for them, but hard for anyone else to follow.)

What I will try and do is this: within a day or two I will try to boil down the real guts and grit of the event from the amazing list of speakers and come up with some useful pointers for other Mediatech entrepreneurs to use in their own businesses.

meanwhile, my Flickr photos are here. Enjoy.