Short Fuze and Moviestorm Make Library House Top 100 MediaTECH Companies

It is with some pride that I note that Short Fuze, the company that makes Moviestorm, has made it's first significant list.

The Library House Essential Mediatech Top 100

You can find us under “video”

Take a bow, Moviestorm Team!

Library House is that rara avis – an analyst service that covers startups well and in depth. While the list has courted some controversy (or a storm in a teacup over the definition of startup versus SME) they do try really hard to get underneath segments and provide the real story.

They have also invited Matt Kelland and I to speak at their event on 11 November 2008, which is rather pleasing for us.

Potential Conflict Notice: LH is about 50m from our office and we have shared a beer or two with some of their past and present analysts. Despite that, they still insist on writing about us. We try to put them off, but they insist…