Google G1 Android

So,  there I was in the blue room at Stockholm Town Hall (that's the room where you will be coming in a couple of weeks to get your Nobel Prize)  and, as conversations do, people started to ask about Moviestorm. Now, at moments like this I have a pre-prepared demo where I fire up my Blackberry, flip open the video player, and show them somebody's video which I generally grabbed from  YouTube earlier that day.  So far so good: the video got people's attention and there was a general buzz about how clever some of our users were.
 And then the nice guy a couple of seats round asked if he could have a copy of it, and as you do, I suggested transferring the video file by Bluetooth to his phone.  And he hands it to me. And I just sat there like a loon staring at it. Yes, my very first experience with the Google G1 Android phone.  if I was a highly skilled hardware reviewer, I would no doubt write a really good review of how well it sat in my hand, the fact that the navigation buttons needed no explaining, the amazingly slick way in which applications snapped open and closed,  or the way in which it had already picked up on all of the position in motion metaphors bought into the market recently by one of the other phone companies that I admire.
But I'm not a highly skilled hardware ready so all I can say is “thanks, Wes”  for so comprehensively trouncing  my normally 100% effective Moviestorm demo with something that really was quite a lot cooler.
What I am now really looking forward to, is working out how to get the team to put bits of Moviestorm on this phone….