Part 6 – A Quick Diagnosis

Importantly – and unlike a disease – a company is capable of actively pushing information and reasons to take up your product towards customers, and it will do this through a carefully thought out marketing campaign involving Awareness, Alliances, Adoption, and the support of long-term retention of the product among users.  Think of it like a “disease v host reaction”. If you are feeling really mean today, then traditional marketing is your “toxin payload” though which you reduce your hosts ability to defend against you.

There are always some immediate improvements to the marketing campaign which can be made. Quick stabs of that toxin to get some new wins. A quick tabular check list of the positive and active steps that traditional marketing can take are given here:

Channel Volume Cost/user Time to implement Mktg Effort Production Effort
Viral / Referral depends on CTA; size of accessible social networks /  # users low/zero Low for FB social networks;

med/hi for normal sites

low low/med
Email depends on CTA, size of your house lists, email signups low/med Low low/med low/med

(med = create templates)

Blogs / Bloggers Depends on # blogs in your segment, competitive scenario low/med Low (if just you blogging);

med (if you’re setting up big CMS / evangelizing to other bloggers)

low/med low/zero

(med = CMS, prof design)

SEO depends on your keywords Low/zero Medium

(depends on your search geeks)

low/zero med/hi
SEM depends on your keywords Depends Low/med

(depends on your marketing)

Low/med low/med

(landing pages = med)

Contest small unless big prize $

(don’t, keep it under $5K)

low/med low/med

(depends on contest, site, campaign)

Med low/zero

(med = prof site)

Widget Depends on CTA; size of accessible sites, level of adoption + bloggers low/med Low/med med med/hi (depends on complexity)
domains depends on keywords, domain costs depends low low Low (redirects/co-brand?)
PR depends on your business & audience & news Med/hi medium (develop story, build contacts) med low/zero
Biz Dev / Partner depends on partner, size of customer base, conversion med-high med/hi (capture metrics, generate reports) Med/hi med/hi

(reports, co-branding)

Affiliate / Lead Gen depends on economics Med/hi med/hi (need to build affiliate program, capture metrics, generated reports) med/hi med/hi (depends on rqd tracking & reporting)
Direct / radio depends on geography Med/hi medium Med/hi low/zero
Telemktg depends on target demographics med-high med-high High low/zero if no system;

Med/hi if integrated SFA

TV Potentially large (if you spend) High Med-high High Med/hi (TV production assets needed)

As we have said all models are wrong, but some are useful.  By using the bioogical models above we can rapidly prioritise features and functions of your product and the associated websites and services so that we can maximise the initial rate of uptake and adoption of your product amongst target users whilst also maximising the long-term rate of increase of your products use.

So, time for a think through the whole model and see where it takes us with some real examples of products out there that appear to be using biological models.