Not Everything Is About Money

You probably read my short post on Tom Watson's give away of proofs of his new book CauseWired here.

I am in business, but I guess I have reached the age when ranting at my long suffering wife over the breakfast table about articles in the Sunday papers is just not enough. I want to change things, and some things really need changing.

If you have ever felt like that, then this is a book for you. Singing along to Nickelback's “If Everyone Cared” is just not enough for you. Really, you need to get a few thousand people to change the world with you. And Tom's book can help you.

It is not a “how to” book in the way of thousands of other pointless pages of lists. This is a down in the dirt, first hand reportage on some of the largest social movements on the Internet and what made it work for them. He documents how social change really happens, what kind of people it takes, and the tools of the trade. More importantly, he explains that if you set out to change society, then you might very well succeed. That, to me, is one scary message: are we ready for the power that we now have in our CauseWired Internet Age hands? Are we educating our children and our friends about the responsibility that comes with such power?

Anyway. You can get it here. If you must. I'd rather that you went down to your local book shop, bought a latte, chatted to a few REAL PEOPLE and started a movement to change the world. You are not going to do that if you shop on line.