Faintheart – made me laugh out loud (but I can be a nerd)

http://www.myspace.com/faintheartthemovie was not working when I tried it just now, you may have more luck….

Set in the world of battle reenactments, centers on a
sales assistant named Richard who spends his weekends as a mighty Norse warrior,
leading the 'Bloody Broadswords', dedicated noble fighters battling to uphold
their honor.

It is really about how everyone was embarassed by their Dad and how love is never a linear experience. A nerd movie with a specific UK historical background that appeals to me, and, perhaps more so, to all the Moviestorm people in the audience last night at the CFF2008

It is full of Trekkie jokes, history buff jokes, in jokes about Britain and has a wonderful 1980's sound track

The bulk of the laughs are in the first 20 minutes, but it bubbles along nicely for the rest. That first 20 minutes nearly stopped me breathing though. (Sorry if I alarmed you Hugh, and also sorry I sang along to the soundtrack …). If you are a Trekkie, you will probably have an anuerism at the jokes in the second part of the film. However the jokes are always sympathetic, never cruel, and they really do work in the context given.

Camera work was clearly influenced by the local tourist board, but that is not a problem in a movie that has such great backdrops.

The movie was highly experimental
: created by the MySpace community, opensourced casting and much more. Yet what we get is a perfectly traditional movie with some wonderful fresh faces in it.

So, go see it. Don't wait for the DVD.

(if in USA, get DVD, obviously this one is not going to travel internationally unless you happen to have a massive Brit Flick fan cinema next door)