Moviestorm on the Road

One of the great joys of being the CEO is going out on the road and seeing what people – be they media, finance, investors, advisors or (the best) just the public – think of what we do.

Update: #Moviestorm is on the BBC News – drag it 24m30s in and watch – we are after the clever catflap! That was filmed at the Cambridge event below ->

Today we are at The 9th Cambridge Enterprise Conference – which is mostly dominated by the local Angel Investors and National Media. at Churchill College, Cambridge. 250 delegates are attending, including established and novice entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, business angels, advisors, academics and policymakers. Speakers are be drawn from the ranks of experienced and successful business leaders, plus supporters of young companies and providers of funding, advice and essential services. Delegates can expect to gain insights into strategies, IP, culture, investment and sustainability at this inspirational event.

The conference aims to address many of the questions facing young knowledge-based companies seeking accelerate growth and be a ‘roaring success’, including:

•  How do you know when a company is ready for investment?

•  How do you choose the best investor to get more than just money?

•  How do you turn IP into a strategic asset?

•  How do you foster a company culture that will enhance the value of a business?

•  How do you take on tiger economies? 

The Conference, organised by St John’s Innovation Centre, is set to build on the outstanding track record of previous events. The conferences, which have been held since 1997, have attracted over 2000 delegates from 22 countries, and have featured over 200 internationally renowned speakers, ranging from entrepreneurs to investors, academics and professional business experts.

Shortly after recovering from this little event, we are off to

SIME 2008 – (Stockholm)

This one is all about the “DNA of change”, which I find an odd phrase as an ex-biologist, but am prepared to go along with as a nice tagline.  I'm really keen to hear from Michael Wolff and Mia Rose and being able to hear their takes on how users really are able to generate global media content quickly and easily now.

SIME is *always* immense fun and the audience usually provides most of the entertainment (probably in the Spy Bar afterwards …)

ETRE 2008 – (Stockholm)

ETRE is a more corporate level event. It assembles an exclusive, invitation only, group of leading CEOs, entrepreneurs and financiers from the information technology and communications industries worldwide. ETRE08 provides an invaluable forum for business leaders to discover innovative technologies, secure funding, establish new alliances, solidify existing partnerships and exchange insights. Over 700 leaders from 40 countries are expected at ETRE08, from October 14 through 17, in beautiful Stockholm.

We are in the midst of an important technology transition. But like all such inflection points, we can barely anticipate the long term impact of such changes; what does it mean to be constantly connected; what is the cultural impact of content personalized for every individual? And what about the impact on the major players: any transition creates new winners and losers. (!)

I'm going to try to find out what it means for our business and our Moviestorm users


ARCADIA – (Canada)


This is REALLY close to our hearts. It will be full of amateur and not so amateur digital movie makers. 

For the second year, the Machinima Roadshow will present a live, hands-on machinima (filmmaking in virtual reality) workshop at FESTIVAL ARCADIA 2008. In addition, we are combining forces with the First Annual International Machinima Expo, also taking place at Festival Arcadia.

Event is November 7-9, Love of Star Wars, filmmaking, machinima, video games, and having fun are also desirable qualities. The Expo is a film festival and trade event for machinima filmmakers; the Roadshow is a theatrical workshop in which participants (gamers) make a film together. Festival Arcadia is one of Canada's largest video gaming events.


Update: rats!!! this may have been cancelled, so I need to find another reason to go the North America before Xmas.


……and a couple of other trips to the USA (both coasts) which will be deserving of their own posts.