Random Praise

One of the hardest things to do as CEO of a small company is judge if you are on the right lines. Sure, there is gut instinct and a heck of a lot of people want to tell you how they would do it, but the CEO has to make the call.

Just sometimes, something comes along – straight out of the blue – and tells you that you really are on the right track after all. One of those moments came when Comcoaster made a video of the hot 30 UK tech companies and included us. We had no idea, none at all, that this was coming up. But it did, and it made us smile.

So, one more step in the right direction. Positive feedback from a trusted independent source makes all the difference.

When not being video blogged and generally feted in the media, I tend to turn to a few trusted friends outside the business (and indeed outside the fenland hothouse that is Cambridge). I'll not link to them as then they would not be independent, would they. Or at least not for very long. But it is a small group of barristers, business people, pragmatic business consultants and tech heads. Their feedback keeps me sane and keeps the faith.

I was lucky when younger to have the benefit of a pretty good education and 4 years at Keble, Oxford – which for those who don't know it, is famous for training radical thinkers and paradigm breakers. My friends will be smiling at that one. That also built a network of deep trust with college friends. The sort of trust that you get from living with people for years in such a pressured environment when young, and which you never really recapture later in life. That group meets a few times a year and is a great way to clean the BS from business plans.

So, random praise then. Its a good thing, give it out, build the trust.Taken together they make business worth doing,