Democratic Video Creation

thank to Jemima Kiss for picking up on NMBX and posting this article about the companies there.

Makes me realise how few good tech bloggers start ups rely on:

Jemima at the Guardian
Mike at Tech Crunch
Rory at the BBC
Bill Thomson

and then we are down in the noise floor with “Posh's new haircut

Why does stuff that is SO important to the UK economy and so darned interesting have to come so low in the journalistic hierarchy?

OK, I exagerate to make a point, but surely tech start ups are more important than the apparently amazing feat of physical dexterity that is getting a 25.4cm ball into a net that is 17.86 m^2 (only 352 times larger) from 10m away without falling over of crying? Surely!

Now, I am sure I missed some worthy tech bloggers, so just add them in the comments and I'll come back and fix my list later. Just don't ask me to write about football, even if it is a Saturday.