NMBX 2008

What a day that was. 20 top UK web and media companies in front of Turner Broadcasting group execs and VCs. Seven minute speed dating and meetings in between made for a brutal, but rewarding, day for all the speakers and the small start ups at the amazing meeting spaces offered by The Rejuvenation Centre in Spitalfields, London.

And in reverse order of appearance:

Qube 3D engine. Nice solution. Elegant. Commercial. Who is using it? That team goes back to serious credentials and early Direct3D so they really know what they are doing.
Zero Point Software – apparently a cool immersive game world audio spinoff called RTVP, but when will it be ready?
Ymogen and Create.tv show us all how to collaborate on video across all formats. Clever brandable platform. (Need confidence on stage 🙂
Brent Hoberman working on UK/EU “webmission” event? (He says he will tallk more later) – bet that will set tongues wagging!
Brent Hoberman at NMBX on web 2.0: if it is all about scale, how can startups hope to work? Huh? Oh, lots of capital …..
Global Mix – if they say Multicast wins, I am going to believe them. P2P, catch up now! Those guys are busy reshaping the way we get video and audio over the internet
KODIME – clever tech and business, but too big to be a “start up”, surely? 
Gameplay and HARVEE is just AWESOME – watch them 'zooks running on your own carpet!
LikeCube – language difference holding back the presentor notwithstanding, this is an interesting semantic tech tool at NMBX
Cereproc – no voice is safe, awesome text to speach tech and some cool jokes
Skimbit keeps on getting better!!! Well done Alicia and her team for showing us how to rate information and share it
Casey Harwood – Turner is in a “healthy state of paranoia” for digital opportunities. Great quote 🙂
Bob Schukai – Turner Group, stand up guy with tons of energy

I'm going to lie down with an icepack on my head and think of how to pitch Moviestorm again tomorrow. Such is the life of a media tech CEO.

Nice canapes, wonderful fish tank, but just a very long hard day for all of us. That is why we love media tech so much: it is always a challenge, sometimes physical, sometimes mental.